A new kind of organization

The Lambcottage project of Orange County organization is made of volunteers.

We meet once a month at our meeting we try to help organizations and businesses that have something to say or offer people. We film interviews and presentations by local people at our meetings. We invite people to do this at our meetings you can call us to come to a meeting for a filming. We are interested in providing solutions and resources to people. As a public service we broadcast the movies we make and post them on several websites to help them help others. Our volunteers are creating a site to showcase local companies and organizations. A directory so people can find solutions locally. Also an other site that makes it easy to share your views on identifying problems and offer solutions to our changing world. Volunteers feel it takes people to offering solutions and knowledge to bring about change. Politicians talk about change but its people that have to really do something more than talk.  It has taken a long time for some problems to reach a point that they need to be addressed and it takes people looking at the problem and willing to something about them to bring about change. Without looking at both sides of an issue you really can’t understand both the problem or solution. To depend on the media to provide you the issues or solutions is not realistic. The media today has changed they no longer inform you as much as broadcast the options of people they employ. This leads to people forming their ideas on what they see on the news and not looking into the issue. Volunteers feel that Democracy depends on the involvement of people but if they do not know what the problem is all about how could the possibly solve them and to depend upon politicians or government does not seem to be working.

Our group has built a website to help people share their ideas and solutions to problems.

Our goal is to create a place that people can go to learn and share their knowledge with others. We will do this on-line and locally build an organization with the skills and talents of local people that want to build a place where people can go to learn. When you look at all the problems and challenges to children being born in the current world we live in. We feel that there is a need for children and parents have a resource center to aid in extra development of children from age one to people of all ages.

Not everyone has a heart to help others.

People tend to leave that to the social services and faith based groups and organization to deal with. This is very apparent when you look at our own political system. To many people it seems very dysfunctional if you have to chose a President by picking the one you like based on not picking the one that you like the lest. Apathy is a leading cause of why things don’t work today. Democracy depends on the involvement of people. The Lamb Cottage project is trying to bring together people in our community that have a heart to help others. So we have created a directory of products and services for people to benefit from. It offers products and services of local people and companies or organizations anywhere that have things to offer people that they others can use or should know about. Our organization is designed for people to add their services or products to our directory and allow members to offer them to our network of members that offer referrals and special offers. We have weekly meetings to network with local people. People can add their information to our directory and referral network free by attending our monthly meetings in Anaheim.

      Our organization is made of volunteers of all types from local business owners to others that have been homeless, are disabled and those that are long-term unemployed. People in the community that have skills, ideas or talents are needed to put on classes so others can develop new skills. Our goal is to creating an leaning environment we fell is needed to help people get jobs, start business ventures or non-profits and create employment opportunities for people.  The model for what we want to do is build an organization with the skills and talents of local people and small business people that want to participate in an organization using the resources and ideas of those involved to benefit both the supporters and people that need help focusing on community with economic solutions.
         At this time we are having meeting to find the best way to make this happen. The services we now offer help people reach other using technology. We help people make websites and media with support and training.  Helping people publish what they do on-online and distribute media news and information to our network of members. For people that have an idea or organization, we do interview films to help them get there their ideas out. The movies are made at our meetings and are free to members of our group.