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 A new kind of organization

     The Lambcottage project of Orange County is trying to bring together people in our community that want to help future generation survive and grow by learning in the new world that they will live in. One thing is for sure nothing stays the same and all people need help in learning new things. Our goal is to create a place that people can go to learn and share their knowledge with others. We will do this on-line and locally build an organization with the skills and talents of local people that want to build a place where people can go to learn. When you look at all the problems and challenges to children being born in the current world we live in. We feel that there is a need for children and parents have a resource center to aid in extra development of children from age one to people of all ages. Our group has already started a website to help people share their ideas and solutions to problems that face us now and in the future. The site will be a free site that makes it easy to share your views on identifying problems and offer solutions to our changing world. It is build very much like a Facebook type-site, a social community focused on sharing people’s views, opinions and solutions. Not everyone has a heart to help others. People tend to leave that to the social services and faith based groups and organization to deal with. This is very apparent when you look at our own political system. To many people it seems very dysfunctional if you have to chose a President by picking the one you like based on not picking the one that you like the lest. Apathy is a leading cause of why things don’t work today. Democracy depends on the involvement of people. The Lamb Cottage project is trying to bring together people in our community that have a heart to help others. So we have created a directory of products and services for people to benefit from. It offers products and services of local people and companies or organizations anywhere that have things to offer people that they others can use or should know about. Our organization is designed for people to add their services or products to our directory and allow members to offer them to our network of members that offer referrals and special offers. We have weekly meetings to network with local people. People can add their information to our directory and referral network free by attending our monthly meetings in Anaheim.

Lamb Cottage Directory      Our organization is made of volunteers of all types from local business owners to others that have been homeless, are disabled and those that are long-term unemployed. People in the community that have skills, ideas or talents are needed to put on classes so others can develop new skills. Our goal is to creating an leaning environment we fell is needed to help people get jobs, start business ventures or non-profits and create employment opportunities for people.  The model for what we want to do is build an organization with the skills and talents of local people and small business people that want to participate in an organization using the resources and ideas of those involved to benefit both the supporters and people that need help focusing on community with economic solutions.
         At this time we are having meeting to find the best way to make this happen. The services we now offer help people reach other using technology. We help people make websites and media with support and training.  Helping people publish what they do on-online and distribute media news and information to our network of members. For people that have an idea or organization, we do interview films to help them get there their ideas out. The movies are made at our meetings and are free to members of our group.

        As a member you can apply to have us coordinate and sponsor time in our meetings for your ideas or talents. We have a meeting place where people can come with their ideas and talents and be apart of an organization that wants to help in bettering people with resources that can help them and our local community. There are a lot of people in need of all different things to make the world a better place. People have the power if they work together so our plan is to bring together people that have a desire and skills to help others. It seems that we all have talents and gifts that we can use to benefit each other. If you join as a sponsor you can offer you special package to our list of members too if you like.

Members of the Lambcottage are people or companies and we offer many perks with a membership:

  • You get a Domain name
  • You get Free website hosting for one year
  • We produce a video  about your company.
  • We distribute your media for you on FaceBook and YouTube
  • We list you in our directory of services and companies on our website.
  • You get referrals from other members.
  • As a member you can offer you special introductory offers to other members.
  • You get discounts and special offers from other members.
  • You get free training and classes  on promoting and marketing  you company, product or services.
   To make America great again does not require a politician it requires people. We people for the people and by the people. Using the resources and ideas of those involved to benefit both the supporters and people that need help focusing on community with economic solutions that make sense done with any resources that become available and using them wisely to bring maximum benefit to help as many people as possible. We are a group that is non discriminate made up of people from many countries, colors and walks of life.
You can set up an appointment with a volunteer during the week by calling 714-366-9593 in Garden Grove or come to our meeting in Anaheim on Thursday once a month, at the historic Kraemer Building  at 201 E. Center Street suite 29. Anaheim, CA. 92805

Note : It is best to call 714-366-9593  to verify that you are coming to talk about any ideas or how we can help you.